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Experts join forces and call for mandatory masks in NSW

A number of experts are calling for the compulsory use of face masks in Sydney.

The Premier is warning face coverings could become mandatory if there isn’t an increase in the uptake of people wearing them.

New South Wales Health is strongly recommending they be worn on public transport, in shopping centres and where social distancing can’t take place.

Professor of Epidemiology Healthcare Infection and Infectious Diseases Control at UNSW, Mary-Louise McLaws, told Ben Fordham masks protect the community from asymptomatic cases.

“Everybody who has COVID is asymptomatic for at least 3 days.”

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Shadow NSW Health Minister Ryan Park told Ben Fordham there’s no reason to wait.

“All we need to do is make this a health order today and we can slow the spread.”

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Professor Nick Talley said “NSW is really in a little bit of trouble”.

“The numbers are just not going down and we’re not doing enough.”

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