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Experts have their say on the bag ban: ‘It’s a complex matter’

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Time is up for free single-use plastic bags at Woolworths stores around the country.

Shoppers will now get stuck paying 15c for a plastic bag or $1 for a canvas bag if they forget to bring their own.

It’s hoped charging for plastic bags will help combat some 8-million tonnes of plastic entering our oceans every year.

Co-founder and CEO of Take 3 For the Sea Tim Silverwood is welcoming the ban and tells Ben Fordham animals are too-often paying the price for our negligence.

“They’re really dangerous. These plastic bags, when they get into the environment, they last a really long time.

“They look like jellyfish so turtles and dolphins and whales are eating them in high numbers and are unfortunately dying as a result of our single-use plastic bags.”

QUT Business School Associate Professor Gary Mortimer says “it’s a great step in the right direction… but it’s a complex matter”.

“The biggest challenge I think shoppers will face is remembering to bring their bags.”

As for whether it’s a money generating scheme by the supermarkets, Professor Mortimer says “I’m not really seeing that”.

Woolworths has introduced the ‘Bag for Good’ costing 99c, with proceeds to go towards Landcare initiatives.

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