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Exhausted paramedics accused of misconduct for refusing overtime

Two paramedics are being subjected to a misconduct investigation after they refused to work overtime due to concerns for their own health and safety.

The pair was 10 minutes from finishing a 12-hour overnight shift when they were tasked with the “extensive transfer” of a hospital patient going home.

The two ambulance officers said they were under substantial fatigue and refused to take the job.

Now, they’re being hauled before the Industrial Relations Commission.

Australian Paramedics Association State President Chris Kastelan called in, telling Mark Levy they’ll be fighting for the two officers every step of the way.

“They’re having a go, they’re treating people at their worst.

“For two paramedics, who’ve identified that they’re fatigued, to be run through the misconduct policy… I just think that’s a terrible blight.”

Mr Kastelan says ambulance officers are being worked to the bone, with many in rural New South Wales working hours of overtime with no break.

Mark Levy has slammed the treatment of the pair, saying they should be praised for “not putting the patient in harm’s way”.

“If they’re driving the ambulance with a patient in the back after 12 hours on the roads… we’re always telling people stop, revive, survive.

“What, the rules don’t apply to paramedics? Ridiculous.”

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