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EXCLUSIVE | Railcorp accused of “blackmail” in light rail debacle

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Another debacle linked to the light rail construction has emerged, with reports local businesses are being lied to by their landlord Railcorp. 

The Alan Jones Show has uncovered documents sent to tenants that prove, in Alan’s words, “skulduggery has been going on, that not even the government knows about.”

Minister for Transport Andrew Constance told tenants on Wednesday night, victims would receive a 25% rent rebate backdated to December 2017.

Alan Jones says Railcorp has in fact emailed tenants, offering a fixed amount “to help with your rent in a time of disruption.”

In return, tenants are asked to “agree that the amount, in accordance with this letter, will be set off against any other financial assistance or claims you have had against the Crown in the state of New South Wales.”

The document is being described by Alan as “blackmail.”

Circular Quay cafe owner Anthony Liberou pays $800,000 in rent, and a 25% rebate would equate to $200,000. This letter is telling him he’ll be reimbursed $99,000.

The letter, which isn’t on official letterhead, informs him to sign or he gets nothing.

He’s told Alan “yesterday I called CI Australia –  I rang and I emailed them and I told them I needed answers by this morning.  Not one person called me back.”

Listen to Alan Jones revealing this latest fiasco below

Alan Jones has this message for the property officer of Rail Corp portfolios at CI Australia.

“You get onto Anthony Liberou now, return the calls he made yesterday, and act out what Andrew Constance promised – a 25% reduction in rent.

“If you think you’re playing smart, think again.

“State Rail are defying Andrew Constance and the Deputy Premier. That defiance should result in dismissal.”

Click PLAY below for Alan’s warning to CI Australia