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EXCLUSIVE | Mark Latham all but confirms his political future

For months on end, Ben Fordham has been questioning former Labor leader Mark Latham on whether he’ll be making a return to politics.

But Mark has consistently side-stepped the question on if he’ll be joining up with Pauline Hanson and the One Nation party.

“I’ve got a feeling something’s cooking,” says Ben Fordham.

“Ben you’re very persistent… but you’ve only just got to watch this space.

“I’m sure the day when it happens, I’ll be talking to you.”

Ben: “Hang on a moment! Watch this space? That’s getting closer than we’ve ever got before.”

Mark: “Oh yes, Ben, you’re on the trail mate.

“You’re getting amazingly close. You’re a political sleuth.”

When asked how far away an announcement is, Mark didn’t deny there would be one, instead saying there would be one “soon”.

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