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EXCLUSIVE | ‘It’s off the table today, Ray’: Fishing lockout plans scrapped

Ray Hadley Exclusive

The controversial marine parks plan which threatened popular fishing spots from Newcastle to Wollongong has been scrapped.

Recreational fishers and boaters have been up in arms over the proposed plans which would have enforced lockout zones and fishing bans in prominent fishing spots, forcing many fishers into dangerous locations.

NSW Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair tells Ray Hadley the fishing ban “was creating uncertainty for the sector. It was doing damage to the sector”.

“It was causing a lot of fear and it’s off the table today Ray.”

Mr Blair says some sensitive areas will still need managing but “it won’t be a blunt locking them (fishers) out of those areas”.

“It will be working with them… and coming up with a solution that doesn’t remove the rights or the access to something that we should be doing more of and not less of, and that’s fishing.”

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