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EXCLUSIVE | Groom and father granted bail after sickening buck’s party attack on police


Two police officers have been bashed by a drunken buck’s party on the NSW Central Coast, with the offenders somehow granted bail.

The story has been kept in the dark due to a police reporting error, until Ray Hadley was tipped off.

He has now revealed details about the incident that took place on Saturday night at The Boathouse Hotel Patonga.

The bucks party was on the Patonga ferry, with the ferry master calling ahead to warn the pub about the drunken group.

When they arrived, the hotel refused them entry and called police.

Officers were allegedly set upon by the group of up to six people.

One officer was held on the ground and choked until he was almost unconscious.

A security guard who tried to help was also attacked and has been hospitalised with a broken jaw.

Three of the men, including the groom and his father, were arrested on the night and refused bail by police.

Despite facing extremely serious charges and prosecutors opposing bail, two of the men were inexplicably allowed to walk free the very next day.

The third man, Luke Robert Maloney, was allowed to walk free by Gosford Magistrate Peter Barnett on Monday.

There is CCTV footage of the attack which has been described by hardened police officers as “quite confronting”.

Police Association NSW Lead Organiser Jon Goddard tells Ray Hadley he’s “absolutely disgusted”.

“Our members have had an absolute gutful of being attacked and then not being backed up and supported by the judiciary under our bail laws.

“If he’s willing to attack police like that, what is he willing to do with the rest of the community.”

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