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EXCLUSIVE | Consumers fork out millions as Return and Earn saga continues

Exclusive figures reveal NSW consumers are paying millions for the botched Return and Earn scheme.

New numbers reveal a monumental gap between the extra tax we’re paying on bottled drinks and the amount being returned at the sites.

Since Return and Earn was rolled out across the state in December, consumers have been hit with $156 million in extra costs.

The machines have only refunded $18 million.

NSW Shadow Environment Minister Penny Sharpe tells Ben Fordham it was a disaster from the beginning.

“It’s been botched from day one.

“We’re supposed to have 800 of the reverse vending machines, there’s around 500.”

She says the public isn’t happy and she can understand why.

For every dollar we get back at the machines, we’re forking out an additional $8 in increased drink costs.

“They all know they’re paying more but they’re still struggling to be able to get their money back,” the shadow minister says.

“We’re paying more but it’s too hard to return our money.”

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