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EXCLUSIVE | Community transmission tragedy among Ruby Princess relatives

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A man has passed coronavirus to two relatives after leaving the Ruby Princess cruise ship, Ben Fordham has exclusively revealed.

Community transmission from Ruby Princess passengers is a significant concern for health authorities, with at least 19 known cases.

In one such instance, a man passed COVID-19 to his daughter and son-in-law, who were delivering food to their father after his wife was hospitalised by the virus.

“Tragically, the father is now dead,” Ben Fordham reveals.

“What about the wife? The daughter? The son in law?

“They’re alive, and they’re bloody angry.”

The death toll from the cruise has risen to 15 after a 62-year-old South Australian woman died this morning (Wednesday), bringing the nation’s total number of deaths so far to 50.

“Because authorities let the virus leave the ship, it has spread to hire car drivers, family members, and who knows who else?”

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Extended family member Guy Pereira tells Ben Fordham it’s been incredibly challenging for the victim’s family, who are dealing with grief and “the aches, the pains, the cough, [and] the sore throat” of their own illness all at once.

He says the victim “was one of the true last gentlemen”, and the loss has been “devastating” for his children.

Confusion over testing requirements at the end of the 14 day quarantine period, and lack of communication from health officials, have added to the family’s suffering.

“My concern is family members might think it’s okay to go and give them a cuddle, go and say hello and have that interaction, and the virus still may be present.”

“I have a family, I have kids involved, and the community could potentially be at risk as well.”

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Image: Steven Saphore/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images