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NRL forced to act as Ben Fordham reveals drought relief blunder

Ben Fordham Exclusive
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Ben Fordham has helped fix the NRL’s major blunder on their drought-relief promise.

In an official NRL press release they stated, that during the Finals Series, supporters would be given the option to donate to drought relief when purchasing their ticket.

However, Ben and his team discovered this wasn’t the case.

“When we went to the NRL’s website today and bought a ticket to Friday night’s game between the Sharks and Penrith – there was nothing there for drought relief,” says Ben.

Instead, Ben says he was offered discounts on local hotels, pay-TV and mattress brands, but “nothing for drought relief”.

“Can the NRL please explain what’s going on here?”

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In light of Ben drawing the issue to the NRL’s attention, the CEO Todd Greenberg has jumped on the stuff-up, thanking Ben for bringing it to his attention.

“I’m pleased to tell you that… there is a link now available.

“But it certainly wasn’t there when you looked and that’s simply not good enough.”

When faced with the issue of there being a small window of time for people to donate when purchasing a ticket – between 4pm Thursday and 10am Friday – Mr Greenberg says “between now and Friday… we will sell tens of thousands more tickets”.

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Ben Fordham Exclusive