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EXCLUSIVE | Backpackers create health risk in country Australia

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As the cities go into lockdown, many backpackers are choosing to use this time to do their compulsory work in regional communities.

Social media is being used by backpackers to organise the trips that will let them keep their visa.

Clusters of coronavirus have been confirmed in backpacker hot spots, giving isolated communities with minimal healthcare resources due cause for concern.

NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Gary Worboys tells Ben Fordham nobody should be travelling around country towns right now.

“Any of those folks that think they can just hop in a car and drive out to country NSW, and think they can find work and hang around out there, our message is very clear: you can’t, you shouldn’t and don’t.”

He says police across the state will be enforcing these new restrictions.

“The rules are the rules right across NSW. Police in country NSW will enforce them as they have in the city.”

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