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EXCLUSIVE | Baby’s dramatic entrance into the world makes a young paramedic’s dream come true

A recently graduated paramedic helped deliver a baby in a hospital carpark on her third-ever shift in what was a career “dream come true”.  

Jessica Oates and her partner Paul Sweetland shared the dramatic story exclusively on 2GB Drive.

Nearing the end of their shift, they received a call for an imminent labour in Waterloo.

They made it to hospital – but only to the car park of the Royal Prince Alfred – before helping deliver the bub.

“It was hard to believe, to be perfectly honest,” Ms Oates explained to Jim Wilson.

“I turned to Paul and I said did they just say labour?

“I so desperately wanted to deliver a baby and that’s exactly what I got to do.”

She said the adrenaline kicked in and put her training to good use.

“It’s just such a wonderful event in life,” she said.

“I felt very lucky and fortunate I got to do that.”

Mr Sweetland, who has been a paramedic for 17 years, said he has delivered 4 babies himself.

Knowing how keen his partner was to deliver a baby, he cautioned that it was unlikely she’d get the chance.

“Normally we don’t get to deliver babies – it’s quite an unusual event,” he said.

Dad Clarence said he was in “shock” while the paramedics took charge to help deliver their fourth baby.

“[I’m] still a bit shaken from the ordeal, wasn’t really expecting it,” he told Jim.

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