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EXCLUSIVE | Another blow to Barnaby as more secrets come out

Ben Fordham Exclusive

The scandal engulfing Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce’s political career is not going away.

A confidential source has told Ben Fordham the Deputy PM’s office drafted a Christmas card in December last year to be sent out to friends and colleagues.

On the front of the card was a photo of Barnaby, his wife Natalie and their four children.

Before the card was sent out, it was sent to Ms Joyce for approval.

In response, she allegedly told them they had to be kidding themselves.

At the time, Vikki Campion would have been five-months pregnant with the Deputy PM’s baby.

Ben says, “it shows the lengths Barnaby Joyce went to hide the truth from everyone.”

It follows allegations he created high-paying jobs for his now-partner Ms Campion.

His office has been contacted for comment but is yet to reply.

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Ben Fordham Exclusive