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Ex-Cybersecurity Minister warns ‘we need to be aware’ of cyberwarfare

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Former Cybersecurity Minister Angus Taylor says there are simple ways for the Australian public to help prevent cyber attacks from international threats.

The now-Energy Minister told Deborah Knight defence against such attacks is a “top priority” for the government, backed by a $230 million strategy.

“We have to be absolutely ready to deal with this, and we are.

“I was the Cybersecurity Minister for some time … and this was a very strong focus.”

Mr Taylor said online safety is the responsibility of all Australians.

“The frequency [of attacks] has been increasing: we need to be aware.

“There’s one thing everyone can do … to help defend ourselves against this: just make sure the software on your phones and your computers is always up to date.”

Shadow agriculture minister Joel Fitzgibbon added big tech’s fear of a ‘Big Brother’ scenario is preventing effective cybersecurity measures.

“I do appeal to the bigger companies, who are often understandably reluctant to have government reaching into their business, … we do need business and government agencies working together to ensure that we are safe from these incursions.”

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