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Erin Molan praised for stunning attack aimed at online ‘cowards’

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Erin Molan has launched a stunning and brave attack on online trolls who have begun targeting NRL players with vile racial abuse.

Roosters star Latrell Mitchell and Eels star Blake Ferguson have been subject to sickening abuse online, being called “black maggot”, “petrol sniffer” and more.

Sadly this sort of internet abuse isn’t anything new but what there is a new push for trolls to be publically named and shamed.

2GB and Channel Nine host Erin Molan has received death threats and even threats against her unborn child, successfully having one troll prosecuted.

She tells Steve Price, ignoring the abuse clearly doesn’t work.

“Every single piece of advice that I would get… ignore it, don’t give them a platform.

“Well I tell you what, that doesn’t work.

“No human being should ever have to be the subject of them and I am all for calling this stuff out.”

Erin tells Steve keyboard cowards would never get away with their behaviour in real life and shouldn’t be able to get away with it online either.

“You deserve to be called out publically, you deserve to be humiliated, you deserve to potentially lose your job.

“I reckon I’m probably the most trolled person in television, if not the most, over the past decade or so.

“Not one person has ever come up to me in real life and said anything nasty. Not one.

“These people are cowards and they should be called out, so continue to do it.”

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Her comments have received widespread support, with members of the public and even Shadow Minister Jihad Dib commending her online.