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Energy ‘still in a state of real concern’ as Coalition downsizes ‘big stick’ policy

Malcolm Turnbull’s latest political intervention has dominated question time in Federal Parliament.

The former prime minister took a swipe at a “minority” of Liberal MP’s for killing off the National Energy Guarantee (NEG).

In his second intervention in as many days, the former PM revealed he’s been lobbying old colleagues to revive the NEG.

But Coalition MP’s have reached a compromise on a new energy policy.

The “big stick” bill has been watered down, to include greater checks and balances before an energy company can be broken-up for gouging consumers.

Under the changes, the Federal Court would be given the final say on divestment.

It’ll mean rather Treasurer Josh Frydenberg having the final say, he’ll have to apply to the courts.

Australian Energy Council Cheif Executive Sarah McNamara tells Ross Greenwood “the industry is still in a state of real concern”.

She says while they’re pleased with the decision, “we’re still left with a bill that no one has cited… that contains a range of heavy-handed measures that no case has been made for.”

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