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Energy Minister slams AGL over ‘irresponsible’ decision to export Australian gas

Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg says AGL made a “poor decision” to export more than $2-billion worth of gas which could’ve gone to Australian households.

Two years ago the company sold off a quarter of the nation’s annual gas supply to China, Korea, Japan and Malaysia.

Now, AGL boss Andy Vesey has revealed a plan to import the natural resource from Qatar or the United States.

It’s left household energy bills on the rise.

“This was an irresponsible and poor decision,” the Energy Minister tells Chris Smith.

“AGL didn’t sell one year’s worth of gas or two year’s worth of gas, they’ve sold gas over an 11-year period.”

“They have an obligation to explain to all their customers while they’re now talking about importing gas to make up for the shortfall that they have helped create.”

On whether the government would compulsorily acquire the Liddell coal-fired power station, Mr Frydenberg has “rejected the notion”.

“It’s not on the agenda.

“We want Liddell to stay open, we made it very clear that [AGL] should consider the significant commercial offer.”

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As for a considered carbon tax on cars, the Energy Minister tells Chris “there is no plan to introduce a carbon tax on cars”.

“A carbon tax on cars is about as likely as Elvis coming back from the dead.”