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Energy Minister hopeful of no blackouts this summer

As temperatures soared across the country today, Australia’s energy grid had its first real test of the summer.

As people switch on air conditioners, many are predicting rolling blackouts.

Ross Greenwood speaks with Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg to see how well prepared the nation is.

“I know the Australian energy market operator is doing everything it possibly can, on behalf of 24 million Australians, to ensure stability through this summer.”

This is the first summer following the closure of the Hazelwood power station, leaving Mr Frydenberg and the nation relying heavily on gas providers.

“We’ve been assured by the LNG suppliers and the gas companies that there will be no shortfall.”

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Ross also spoke to Chairman of the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, Rod Sims, about its second interim report as part of its inquiry into Australia’s wholesale gas supply arrangement.

“Higher gas prices mean higher electricity prices.

“If they’re in the southern states, if they depend on Queensland gas, they’ve got a problem.

“They’re relying on pipes which are already fairly fully utilised, so they may struggle to get the gas.”