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Eastern suburbs council will impound discarded share bikes

Waverley Council is taking matters into their own hands, impounding hazardous share bikes left on their streets.

Share bikes are showing up in trees, in waterways and on road signs often without helmets and handlebars.

Mayor of Waverley Council, John Wakefield, tells Chris Smith from Monday,  the council will start impounding wrecked bikes.

“I intend, from Monday onwards, to initiate those actions to start impounding bikes.

“We will allow bikes that are upright, that are standing, that still work…[to] remain.

“The rest [that are] strewn all over our streets and parks, the ones that are wrecked…they will go. They will be impounded.”

Mr Wakefield says he supports the idea of share bikes but he wants the operations to be “clean and tidy and beneficial”.

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