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Drivers up in arms over ‘dangerous’ new ‘SLOMO’ laws

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Drivers are up in arms over the new ‘Slow Down, Move Over’ laws introduced onto NSW roads over the weekend, as part of a one year trial.

The new law requires drivers to reduce their speed to a maximum of 40 kilometres per hour when passing stationary emergency vehicles displaying their blue or red flashing lights.

Drivers failing to do so risk a hefty $448 fine and three demerit points.

The new law has a lot of drivers voicing safety concerns, worried they’ll have to slam on the breaks in a hurry in order to avoid being pinged.

NSW Roads Minister Melinda Pavey tells Ben Fordham “we don’t want anybody hitting the breaks dangerously, this is all about judgement as much as anything”.

“It’s about starting to slow down in a safe and controlled manner.

“Police have said this is about common sense,” Ms Pavey tells Ben.

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Listeners are already seeing the dangerous consequences of the new law with one caller, a truckie named Michael, telling Ben he had an alarming experience with the ‘SLOMO’ law today.

“A police motorbike pulled a car over, and on the M5 everyone’s doing 100 and all of a sudden everyone has to slow down to 40…and it’s dangerous, it’s very scary.”

“When people are frightened on the road they have accidents… Minister, genuinely there are people scared on the road right now because of your slow down move over laws,” says Ben.

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