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‘Don’t start giving yourself a pat on the back’: NBN boss grilled over ongoing outages

Hundreds of homes and businesses remain without power and internet, a week after a “cyclone-like” storm hit Sydney.

Electricity has been restored to all but 200 homes, while 350 properties still have no internet as the NBN remains down.

Ausgrid says most of those properties are in Pymble, Gordon, Forestville, and Killarney Heights, in Sydney’s north.

Alan Jones questions the head of NBN Local, Ryan Williams, about whether customers will be compensated.

Alan: Are they compensated in any way?

Ryan: Our job right now is to get all of those people back online.

Alan: You didn’t answer my question

Ryan: We’ve got boots on the ground right now.

Alan: You didn’t answer my question.

Mr Williams says they’re aiming to have everybody up and running “over the next day or two”.

“We’ve got 350 services [down], we’ve come down from 1500 yesterday, so we’re really confident over the next day or two to get all of those services back up and running.”

Alan Jones says that’s hardly something to be boasting about.

“Ryan, don’t start giving yourself a pat on the back. The bloody storm was a week ago!”

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