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‘Dodgy double standard’: Ben Fordham defends Deb Knight from ‘gutless’ trolls

Ben Fordham has spoken out in defence of Deb Knight after she was attacked by online trolls for “neglecting her kids”.

Much-loved Today Show host and Channel 9 newsreader Deb Knight has built a reputation as a hardworking and talented journalist.

But online trolls took aim at her this week after she filled in on The Steve Price Show here at 2GB, claiming she’s neglecting her kids because she’s working too hard.

Ben Fordham quickly came to her defence, calling out the double standard when it comes to working parents.

“It occurred to me that no one’s ever said this about me. There have been times when I’ve been working four jobs at once.

“No one’s ever said to me ‘oh, you’re dodging your dad responsibilities because you’re working too hard’.

“I think it’s a clear and dodgy double standard.

“Deb is a spectacular mum, she’s a top journalist, and there’s no reason she can’t be both at exactly the same time.

“The trolls need to get a life and if they worked as hard as Deb they wouldn’t have as much time to be gutless keyboard warriors.”

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