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Doctor debunks research urging junk food off prime-time TV

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New research claims banning junk food ads on TV until late at night could be the key to reducing childhood obesity. 

The study by Deakin University says restricting the times the ads can be shown would cost around $6 million to implement and monitor, but would save taxpayers nearly $800 million dollars in health costs.

Lead Researcher Dr Vicki Brown who is presenting the findings in Vienna today, says junk food ads should only be allowed from 9:30pm.

Critics of the plan say banning the ads won’t do anything, especially when shows like MasterChef show the baking of brownies and cakes during prime-time viewing.

Deputy Chair of the Australian Food and Grocery Council Dr Geoffrey Annison joins Ben Fordham and says these suggestions are,”a reach too far”.

“We don’t think the evidence linking children seeing these ads and obesity is anywhere near proven.”

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