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Disgruntled ex-employees take Qantas fight to Alan Joyce’s doorstep

Qantas are petitioning the state and federal governments to relax border restrictions which continue to cripple their domestic travel business.

The petition has garnered 7500 signatures, so far, of the 20,000 employees who have been stood down.

Meanwhile, the Transport Workers Union has today delivered a letter to CEO Alan Joyce’s Sydney residence, asking him to reverse the decision to cut and outsource 2500 jobs.

Executive General Manager of Corporate Affairs Andrew McGinnis defended the job cuts as a necessary ‘reinvention’ of the business as it works towards recovery.

“I don’t know where they expected to find Alan at 9:30 on a Friday morning. I can assure you he’s in the office every day.

“Of course we can understand the concern and upset over jobs here.

“We are trying to preserve as many jobs for the long term as we can by making sure that the national carrier survives.”

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