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Deborah Knight shames state and national leaders for playing ‘the blame game’

Question Time has sparked a fiery debate over the role of the National Cabinet, amid criticism of state border closures and the handling of the aged care crisis.

Joel Fitzgibbon, shadow minister for agriculture, argued the National Cabinet has “taken on too much”, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison failing to share the workload.

Energy Minister Angus Taylor defended the system.

Deborah Knight called out the failure to take responsibility from state and national leaders alike.

“I’m not interested in the blame game, I’m interesting in ensuring the lessons are learned. That’s what every Australian wants to know.

“I don’t give two hoots about the ‘gotcha’ moment – that’s politics.

“What we want to know as a community is that you guys are learning from the mistakes, and ensuring that they’re not repeated!”

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