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Deborah Knight grills Energy Minister over failure to reconnect homes after storm

Deborah Knight has confronted the Energy Minister over whether it’s good enough thousands of Australians are still without power.

As tens of thousands of homes and businesses are still cut off from power after the weekend’s wild weather, Ausgrid is asking for military involvement to be fast-tracked.

Deborah Knight grills the Energy Minister over the issue, asking if Ausgrid should be better prepared for extreme weather events.

Matt Kean: “Augrid are doing what they can-”

Deborah Knight: “Are you happy with the job they’re doing though? Do you think they could be doing better?”

Matt Kean: Well, I mean obviously I want people connected as fast as possible… would I like people connected yesterday or immediately? Obviously that’s the case.”

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Ausgrid asks for army’s assistance as 40,000 homes remain in the dark