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Darrell Lea in hot water over recreation of ‘Not Happy Jan’ ad

Darrell Lea has been hit with a cease and desist order for their recreation of the iconic ‘Not Happy Jan’ advertisement.

The chocolate company released the TV campaign, titled ‘No Worries Jan’, as an homage to the famous Yellow Pages ad.

But Yellow Pages was not happy to see they had recreated the ad, which uses the same lead actors, without their permission.

Watch Darrell Lea’s version of the ad below

Darrell Lea was slapped with a cease and desist order from Sensis, the Yellow Pages’ parent company, over their use of the iconic characters.

The chocolate company has now issued a statement confirming they are cancelling the campaign.

Yellow Executive General Manager James Ciuffetelli tells Ben Fordham they needed to protect the interests of their company.

“We’re completely surprised and taken aback that Darrell Lea’s used Jan and our Yellow Pages ad featuring Jan without any consultation with us.

“For advertisers and agencies who work on creatives and innovation… it’s important for us to protect them and the small businesses we serve.”

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