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Dance floors banned at weddings in NSW

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The 50-person limit on weddings will be scrapped in NSW, but a restriction on dancing has emerged in its place.

From July 1, venues will be allowed an unlimited number of guests, provided they adhere to the one person per 4sqm rule.

In practice, this will require weddings of more than 20 guests to be seated, and dance floors will be off-limits, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said.

Navarra Venues Senior Managing Partner Giovannino Navarra told Deborah Knight the strange rule was news to him.

He said he felt it was hypocritical to open up food courts, shopping centres and restaurants where regularly people are bumping into each other.

“I just don’t understand some of these policies.

“I don’t understand why they believe that’s a COVID-safe environment compared to a dance floor.”

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