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Cupcake Charlotte could be The Continuous Call Team’s resident baker

14-year-old cupcake entrepreneur Charlotte is cooking up a storm, and she could very well be The Continuous Call Team’s resident baker.

Joining Ben Fordham to talk business, Charlotte first wishes the Big Marn a happy birthday, and as soon as he found out Charlotte’s area of expertise, he got excited.

“I am an expert in this,” says Big Marn.

“Can you do a Kit Kat one, I love Kit Kat.

“You know what you can do, have them so it’s like a little footy goal post.

“It can be the Continuous Call Team Cupcake.”

Making her mini-cupcakes with Malteasers, chocolate sprinkles and edible glitter and much more, she tells Ben she donates some of her proceeds to charity.

Hearing how generous Charlotte is with the money she makes, listener Scott rang in to purchase a box of her cupcakes for $500.

“Yeah, why not. She seems like a good kid, you seem like a good bloke, I’ll do it.”

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You can follow Charlotte on Instagram at @cupcakes_by_charlotte_