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COVID-19: How businesses will look when they reopen

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As the government prepares to lift restrictions, our businesses are going to look a little bit different.

National COVID-19 Coordination Commission Chair Neville Power told Chris Smith social distancing is key to fighting coronavirus and must continue to be observed even when restrictions are lifted.

Restaurants will need to have spaced out tables and chairs when they are allowed to reopen.

“For some restaurants, it will be more difficult because they need a minimum number of customers to keep the lights on,” Mr Power admitted.

“But if they can spread their customers over a longer period of time, if they can have multiple sittings, those sorts of things can help.”

Bigger companies are also being asked to change the way they operate.

“Big businesses can help by staggering start times, spreading the peak hours for public transport and for those shops and small services.

“If big employers in the city … can rotate their staff so they have a combination of work from home, work from office, we can maintain the same disciplines that we’ve had to keep the virus under control.”

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