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Councils sneakily attempt to move Australia Day celebrations

Ray Hadley has caught-out two more councils attempting to move Australia Day celebrations away from January 26th.

Hawkesbury City Council and Kempsey Shire Council have both voted to hold citizenship ceremonies on January 25th, directly contravening federal government directions.

In September, Byron Shire Council did the same but backflipped after Prime Minister Scott Morrison stripped them of the right to hold the ceremony at all.

Earlier this week Bellingen Shire Council voted to move the date as well.

Now, Ray Hadley has revealed Hawkesbury and Kempsey are the latest councils to go rogue.

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Hawkesbury City Council confirmed the move, saying it’s for the following reasons:

– Avoid the extreme daytime temperatures that often prevail at this time of year

– Better meet the needs of both our older residents and younger families that have traditionally participated in these events

– Showcase both the Windsor Town Centre and the Hawkesbury River, where these events will be held.

Kempsey Shire Council has been holding it on January 25th since 2015, saying:

“The change was made to bring the Kempsey celebrations in line with the format delivered by the Australia Day Council in announcing the national award winners on the eve of Australia Day, and to create an event that enabled more community participation.”

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton tells Ray Hadley, councils that refuse to acknowledge the 26th of January as Australia Day will be held to account.

“Australians don’t want councils playing politics with these issues.

“This may be the agenda of the Greens and the Labor Party but it’s not the agenda of ratepayers.”

He says the government’s been very clear about the rules.

“They abide by them or they’re out.”

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Liberal Hawkesbury City Councillor Nathan Zamprogno contacted Ray Hadley, saying the heat is just being used as an excuse.

He also attacked fellow Liberal councillor, Sarah Richards, saying she voted with Labor and the Greens to pass the motion.

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Councillor Richards phoned-in attempting to explain the decision and why she supported it.

Her excuses didn’t ring true with Ray, leading to a heated conversation.

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