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Controlling partners could be prosecuted under proposed NSW law

NSW is considering prosecuting spouses who control their partners’ behaviour.

Attorney-General Mark Speakman is promising to fast-track a review by the NSW Department of Justice into laws that criminalise coercive control.

Labor MPs will propose a bill that would make it a crime to engage in a “pattern of domination”, including degrading, frightening or controlling someone, cutting them off from friends, relatives, doctors or lawyers, or monitoring their day-to-day activities.

Ben Fordham spoke with both NSW One Nation Leader Mark Latham and Daily Telegraph chief reporter Janet Fife-Yeomans on the matter.

Mr Latham told Ben Fordham there are issues with the proposed law.

“If a man was to park the family dog at the mate’s place and say “unless you do such and such you’re not getting the dog back”, and do that in front of the kids, that’s 10 years in jail.”

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Ms Fife-Yeomans, who is covering the John Edwards inquest, told Ben she completely disagrees with Mr Latham’s take on the issue.

“I got so angry when I heard him telling you … most domestic violence and this kind of coercive behaviour happens amongst poorer people.

“I have covered so much domestic violence among not poor people – middle class, upper class, whatever you want to call them.

“It happens in every part of society … and we shouldn’t tolerate it at all.”

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