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Contact tracer reveals her tools of the trade

Epidemiologist Rebecca Hundy has provided listeners with a rare insight into the contact tracing process.

Contact tracers are at the front line of the country’s war against COVID-19.

Ms Hundy told Jim Wilson the teams are diverse, with a wide range of health and communication backgrounds.

“We also have public health nurses; we’ve actually brought in some medical students to train them up.”

Ms Hundy has heard a whole range of reactions from the positive COVID-19 cases she interviews, from those who get upset to those who “take it in their stride”.

“One of the most challenging aspects”, she revealed, is a person’s limited ability to remember where they went in a fortnight.

Where memory fails, tracers rely on phone logs, emails and bank transaction records.

“We’ve got some tips and tricks that we use. It can be a very slow process.”

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