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Concerns elderly drivers are doctor shopping to stay behind the wheel

The state government is standing by its medical assessment program for older drivers despite concerns some may be doctor shopping to stay behind the wheel.

To keep their licence, elderly drivers over the age of 75 need yearly medical check-ups.

There are concerns some older motorists, who are directed not to drive by their usual GP, are going elsewhere to get the clearance they want.

General Practitioner at Campbelltown Medical and Dental Centre Dr Annette Munday tells Ben Fordham the problem is hard to quantify but it’s an issue many doctors face.

She says GPs have the power to notify Service NSW if they believe a driver is planning to doctor shop but it isn’t pleasant.

“I really hate doing that and wouldn’t do it unless I was pretty convinced… this was likely to be a problem.”

She says informing her elderly patients that they should no longer have a license is heartbreaking.

“I’ve had to say that to a university professor, to a senior teacher at my children’s school.

“It’s one of the hardest things that I have to do in my job.”

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