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Commuters facing further train delays after earlier meltdown

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Sydney Trains is urging commuters to prepare for peak hour delays as they work to recover from this morning’s chaos.

There were major disruptions to services with at least 16 cancellations, with some commuters stuck on trains for two hours.

The hatch of a train came lose and was close to hitting overhead wires at Town Hall station and triggered the delays on five lines.

The issue has been fixed but there are heavy delays to clear the backlog of trains.

Sydney Trains CEO Howard Collins tells Ben Fordham people should leave work earlier this afternoon.

“It took us a long time to get it fixed and people had big delays this morning, I’m sorry about that.

“As we iron out this service there will be some gaps here… if you’ve got an urgent appointment please do that earlier this afternoon.

“At the moment things are working ok, but I advise people, because of this big three-hour delay we had in the morning, use alternative transport if you can.”

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