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Commonwealth Bank blacklists 9yo boy over ICAC drama

The son of a former Liberal Party MP has had his bank account closed after his father was accused of corruption by ICAC.

Andrew Cornwell, the former member for Charlestown, gave evidence at the Independent Commission Against Corruption during an inquiry into electoral funding.

When the report was released in 2016, he was cleared of corruption but he was referred to the Department of Public Prosecutions for perjury.

The case against him was dropped last month due to insufficient evidence but the damage had already been done.

The Commonwealth Bank closed his account last year and put a black mark against his then nine-year-old son’s name.

“What happens when he goes to buy a car when he’s 18? It’s extraordinary,” Mr Cornwell tells Alan Jones.

The former Liberal MP says he hasn’t received an apology from the bank.

“This would have been the time when ICAC would have been trying to cobble together a brief to give to the DPP.

“I’m assuming there was some contact and we need to know what the nature of that contact was.”

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