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Comedian’s virtual pub spins a few ‘tall tales’

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Every Friday night, Aussie pub-goers can recreate the atmosphere of their local from the comfort and safety of home.

Up to 1000 people can join a Zoom-based virtual pub for ‘Furphy Fridays’, organised by Furphy Beer, starting tonight (24 April).

Comedian Matt Okine will be ‘behind the bar’, and one-day cricket captain Aaron Finch is co-hosting, joined by a mystery guest.

“We’re just going to tell a few tall tales,” Matt told Ben Fordham.

“I think that’s what people are missing about socialising in a pub.

“It’s not just about having a beer, and it’s not just about the people you know, it’s about the people you don’t know – the conversations you overhear.”

The virtual pub will make a welcome escape for Matt, who tells Ben he’s going a little crazy cooped up at home.

“I’m having a tough one here in isolation,” he admitted.

“I’ve locked myself outside on purpose because my one-year-old is inside, and she is running amok.

“I’m watching her yanking all the pairs of underpants off the clothes horse we have inside.

“She’s throwing them all over the loungeroom next to all the books she’s torn off the bookshelf.

“Mate, if there’s ever been a time that I’ve missed getting out of the house, it’s right now.”

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Image: Instagram/Matt Okine