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‘Come on, mate!’: Ben Fordham blasts Minister over ‘ludicrous’ plan

The State Government will move a historic building, brick by brick, to allow the Powerhouse Museum to be built at Parramatta.

Willow Grove House will be relocated to North Parramatta and the brick facade of St George’s Terrace will also be preserved.

“This is the most ludicrous idea I’ve heard all year!” Ben Fordham said, “You want to pull apart a heritage building brick by brick and move it somewhere else, how ridiculous!”

Parramatta MP and Sports Minister Geoff Lee told Ben he disagrees.

“This is a win-win for the community.

“We’re going to carefully reconstruct it in a new location where people can actually visit it.”

Ben Fordham: “Come on, mate! Geoff, you must know this is a dud idea!”

Geoff Lee: “No, I think it’s actually a very good idea.”

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