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Coles backflips on bag ban, hands out free plastic bags indefinitely

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Coles is under fire for reversing a decision to stop providing free plastic bags to shoppers, saying some need more time to adjust to the ban on single-use bags.

Coles was meant to stop providing its reusable bags for free on August 1 and start charging customers 15 cents per bag, but has now backflipped on that decision and appears set to provide them indefinitely.

“This is a backflip with triple pike,” says Chris Smith

But he points out it could be a smart business decision for Coles.

“This means everyone who’s sick of forking out extra money because they forgot their bags in the back of the boot will head to Coles.”

“I’ve got to admit, when Susie sends me to the shops next time, I’m going to Coles because I’m so shockingly forgetful.”

While the supermarket chain is handing out their reusable plastic bags, Chris says it leaves no incentive for people to reuse.

“This means people will treat these bags as single-use bags again.”

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Listener Brad from Newcastle didn’t quite agree with Chris’ stance on the bags.

“For 15 cents, I couldn’t care less for plastic bags.

“I understand for a pensioner it would be [an issue], but you’re a worker and I’m a worker. They’re trying to make a difference, we can support it.”