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Coalition push government to buy Liddell power station

A group of Coalition MPs are calling for the  Federal Government to forcibly acquire the Liddell coal-fired Power Station.

The power station, currently owned by AGL, is set to close by 2022 and unless the energy gap is replaced with baseload power from somewhere else, New South Wales will be faced with mass blackouts.

Michael Johnsen, NSW MP for the Upper Hunter who has lived in the area for 32 years, tells Michael McLaren it’s the wrong way to go about it.

He is pushing to forgo Liddell and instead rebuild a new power station that can sustain energy across the state.

“Liddell has actually reached the end of its life.

“They do have a plan to be able to replace the lost capacity, but it’s not going to completely replace the lost capacity.”

Mr Johnsen is pushing for coal-powered energy.

“Coal is not evil.

“Coal is an essential part of our energy generation.”

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