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Coalition MP contests Gonski 2.0, demands overtime for teachers

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Gonski 2.0 calls for a complete overhaul of the education system to focus more on individuals than year groups.

One senior Coalition backbencher has criticised the latest reform pushed by his own government, instead proposing something others might see as controversial.

Queensland Member for Bowan Andrew Laming says teaching needs to become more like the regular work, with regular hours, days and holidays.

So instead of school holidays, Mr Laming is suggesting teachers get just four weeks annual leave, but is adamant he’s not labeling them bludgers.

He tells Chris Smith “they’re working bloody hard and not getting paid for it”.

“This Gonski plan isn’t too bad but to have a special plan for every child takes a lot more time, teachers don’t have it.

“They’re too busy doing playground duty, they’re too busy doing rosters, they’re too busy taking work home and not getting paid for doing it.”

Mr Laming says expectations for teachers are “appalling” and is demanding they get paid for every hour they work.

“No more getting a Kit Kat in your pigeon hole for doing a night of parent-teacher interviews. Pay them the overtime like we do everyone else.

“Give them their mental health back so they don’t burn out.”

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