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Coalition MP breaks rank, calls for some restrictions to be lifted

Queensland MP Dr Andrew Laming is calling on the government to lift the most extreme restrictions as the coronavirus infection curve begins to flatten.

The former infectious disease researcher and Member for Bowman wants the government to research the effectiveness of each measure and repeal them wherever necessary.

He tells Deborah Knight it’s pointless to try and eradicate the virus, so now is the time to re-evaluate the billion dollar a day restrictions.

“Because they’re costing a motza, we want to make sure they’re actually making a difference.”

Mr Laming suggests incremental changes, like increasing the number of people allowed to exercise together, and reopening some restaurants but limiting the number of guests.

He points to New Zealand as an example of where lockdown-level restrictions haven’t been effective.

“New Zealand took a much heavier-handed approach, and they’ve ended up two days ago with their case numbers passing Australia’s.”

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Image: YouTube/Andrew Laming