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Clover Moore advised to replace the word ‘disabled’ with ‘access inclusion seekers’

Natalie Peters & Erin Molan

Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore has been advised people with disabilities should be called ‘access inclusion seekers’ instead of ‘disabled’.

Newscorp has revealed the Sydney City Council is considering the change as part of an overhaul of its disability policies.

The council’s inclusion expert advisory panel is claiming the word ‘disabled’ will one day be as offensive as the ‘n’ word.

But Paralympic gold medallist Kurt Fearnley says the council should be focusing on other issues, like how to make spaces more accessible.

“For me, disability has the ability to show beauty and strength and resilience and it brings people together.

“By focusing on the name change… then that new term will all of a sudden take on any negative connotations you’re trying to run away from.

“Let’s think about what positive changes we can make to the community that include people with disabilities in it. Not change the name but accept disability in all of its variations.”

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Chris Smith took on the challenge of coming up with his own range of politically correct labels for people.

“Prisoners: enclosed rehabilitation citizens. How about homeless people? Free-ranging city dwellers.”

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Natalie Peters & Erin Molan