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‘Close the borders’: Ray Hadley demands immediate action to protect NSW

The worsening COVID-19 outbreak in Victorian hotspots is now impacting NSW, with the virus being brought across the border unchecked.

Ray Hadley has slammed the latest “fiasco” where a man, who had tested positive to COVID-19 in quarantine, returned from Victoria and worked several shifts at a Sydney Woolworths store before he tested positive to a second test.

“This could bring the whole joint undone, the stupidity of the bloke!

“Out of those people that work with him at Woolies and all the customers, you’ve only got to get three, four, or five becomes 35, becomes 40, becomes 50 … and we’ll have what they’ve got in Victoria.

“I wish Gladys Berejiklian would close the borders, I really do.”

Ray said closing the border will avoid the “time wasted” trying to screen travellers and people flouting the rules.

“The sheer stupidity is overwhelming!

“We’ve got five Victorian government departments having carriage of all of this and none of them are accepting any responsibility as of today!

“They’re all hiding. Daniel Andrews has gone into hiding, maybe he’s in a bunker somewhere trying to figure this all out.”

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