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Chris Smith’s pressure to stop brumby cull has worked… for now

Defence officials are defending a planned aerial cull of wild brumbies on the Singleton Army Base in the upper Hunter.

The Defence Department says a herd of about 150 feral horses poses a risk to public safety, as drought conditions could force them towards roads in search of food and water.

But the Hunter Valley Brumby Association fears aerial marksmen are unlikely to achieve a quick and humane death for the animals.

President Kath Massey says there are other solutions.

She thanked Chris Smith for his support, saying yesterday’s planned start for the cull has been delayed.

“We have plenty of eyes and ears on the ground, especially from locals that live right next to the base.

“And they say no helicopters went up in the air.

“Hopefully if we keep the public pressure on and they realise that they’re not going to get away with this.

“If they put helicopters up in the air, people are going to know about it.”

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NBN News Reporter Stephen Mount has been on the scene at Singleton Army Base.

He tells Chris Smith the only activity yesterday was security chasing his news car away from the entrance to the base.

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Chris Smith