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Chris Smith has a prediction about Mark Latham’s political comeback

Chris Smith isn’t so sure about the new political partnership between One Nation’s Pauline Hanson and Mark Latham.

Former Labor leader Mark Latham exclusively revealed he’s joined One Nation on the Alan Jones Breakfast Show this morning.

Mr Latham will lead the New South Wales branch of the party and will run a seat in the upper house of state parliament next year.

He’s identified immigration, congestion, political correctness and the cost of electricity as key issues.

But Chris isn’t so sure about the new political match considering their strong personalities.

Senator Hanson told Today’s Karl Stefanovic she doesn’t intend to “keep Mark in line”, with Mr Latham also insisting he will listen to his leader.

But Chris is predicting the two will butt heads.

“I don’t know whether their personalities can last in the same room,” says Chris.

“Sure, they share a lot of the same values… so on paper, it seems to be a fairly good match, but they’ll clash.”

Chris points out that Senator Hanson has fallen out with her members before.

“Think Brian Burston.

“Surely the history books are already dictating how this will end.”

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