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Chris Smith chats with the stars of Swinging Safari

What on earth happened in the 1970s?

It was an era of careless parenting, constant sunburn and suggestive adult behaviour.

New Aussie flick Swinging Safari turns back the clock and exposes the delightful chaos that was the 70s.

Chris Smith joins the superstar cast Guy Pearce, Julian McMahon, Jeremy Sims, Kylie Minogue, Asher Keddie and Radha Mitchell ahead of the film’s release.

“I remember mum drinking sherry every night. I can remember the wine bottles and all the corks everywhere in the morning. I used to collect them and make boats,” the guys reminisced.

Kylie remembers the deadly desserts that were the first warning of trouble.

“If there were after dinner mints on the table you knew your parents were in for a long night.”

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Chris Smith