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Chris Smith calls out minister over false climate change claims

NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes has accused some of his federal counterparts of “willful ignorance” over climate change.

It comes after thousands of students across the country gathered to protest climate change.

Mr Stokes says he understood why the striking students were frustrated.

The school children were calling on the government to turn to 100 per cent renewable power.

And Chris Smith isn’t having it.

“Australia shifting to renewables isn’t going to make a difference to the climate.”

Mr Stokes went on to complain that sceptics weren’t prepared to accept the satellite evidence of rising sea levels.

“These are the same representatives or commentators who dismiss satellite and meteorological data that confirms sea level rise and assert that photographs of their local beach have looked similar for the past century, so therefore the climate cannot be changing,” Mr Stokes said.

But Doctor Howard Brady, an expert in sea levels, tells Chris we’re being fed incorrect data the acceleration of sea levels.

He says the science surrounding sea level rise and acceleration are “absolutely not” settled.

“Even [the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration] has come out in recent years giving evidence… showing no acceleration in sea level.”

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