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Chris Smith and One Iron are locked in a hilarious trivia battle

Hear the hysterical exchange

A light chat about an iconic Australian mammal has Chris Smith and the One Iron locked in battle.

And it’s got us all in stitches.

It all started when Chris brought up the humble platypus.

The much-loved Australian mammal is in trouble, and we’ve lost a third of the population in the last 200 years.

One Iron is a huge fan of the creature and seems to know a whole lot about them…

So much so, he and Chris have been locked in a David Attenborough style fact-off.

One Iron: “How much do you know about platypuses?”

Chris: “I know that the fur is waterproof.”

One Iron: “Did you know that the women don’t have nipples?”

Click PLAY below to hear the hilarious exchange

Hear the hysterical exchange