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China’s Huawei not the only tech-giant posing a security risk to Australia, says expert

An expert says technology giant Huawei may not be the only organisation that could pose a cyber warfare risk to Australia.

Mobile phones made by Huawei may be on the nose with Defence and Telstra, but the company is deeply embedded in Australian infrastructure.‎

The company – which is considered by some to be a security risk due to suspected links with the Chinese government – carries data for NSW Ambulance and Rail Corp.

Australian National University’s Centre for Military and Security Law’s Professor Clive Williams tells Chris Smith it’s not the only tech-giant that poses a risk.

“You could use any other system for the same purpose.

“I mean, if you hack into a number of the competitors, you could achieve the same outcome if you’re doing cyber warfare.

“The fact that it’s come from China doesn’t necessarily mean that China’s got a particular advantage.”

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Fergus Hanson, Head of cyber policy at the Australian Security Policy Institute, tells John Stanley countries are beginning to take action on cybersecurity.

“You’ve started to see governments around the world really start to take this seriously.

“We’ve seen countries [like] the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand… start to take this issue very seriously and start to push back against the dominance that Huawei has.”

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